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Keeping you informed about the use of cookies is very important for Edit-Place Here’s some tips on cookies, how they are used and how you can set your tools adequately to turn them off.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small-sized text file dropped by your browser and stored on your hard drive when you go to any webpage.

When you visit the given website,, we can, if you agree, set up cookies on your browser. Then, when you will re-visit the page from the same device, the browser will be able to use cookies data and transmits it to the website.

Dropped cookies are essential to make sure the site runs properly.
Here’s why:

  • They personalize proposed web contents
  • Adapt the layout of our pages to display preferences of your computer terminal, hardware and visualization or scanning software.
  • Store all information from the form you filled when you registered on our website for instance
  • Store all products, services and information you selected
  • Collect statistical data to upgrade site features

Few cookies may have already been set up on your device while others require user consent.
In this case, the consent can be dropped on your web page as a notice banner.
No cookie will be dropped nor read on your terminal until Edit-Place gets your approval.


What are Edit-Place cookies used for?

  • Cookies created by Edit-Place
Name of the cookieGoalStorage Period
Adapting our ad spaces to display preferences of your terminal (language, display resolution, operating system, etc.)13 months
Cookie dropped for safety purposesUser Session


  • Third-party Cookies

Third-parties setting and using cookies themselves have their own “cookie policy”.
We share with you what these cookies are about (if we know it) and which tools you have at your disposal, so you can make choices accordingly
(see question: How to drop cookies ?)

Cookie nameGoal
Google AdwordsCollect statistics measuring the performance of an advertising campaign
DoubleclickCollect statistics measuring the performance of an advertising campaign
LinkedinPersonalize your ads while you visit our site or any other website.
FacebookPersonalize your ads while you visit our site or any other website.


How to set the drop of cookies?

Your choices are never written in stones. You can turn off some or all cookies anytime by following the processes described below.

  • Web Browser Setting

The setting to manage cookies as well as your choices is different from one browser to another. We warn you that by setting up your browser to decline cookies, some features of the site may not be available.
If it happens, we will deny responsibility.
With Internet Explorer™
Chrome™: ,


  • Smartphone setting

On iOS :
Android :


  • Web Traffic Cookies

If you do not want to receive any cookies from our website on your browser aimed to measure online traffic, you can click on the following link to disable cookies. Another cookie will be saved on your browser to block cookies altogether:

with Google Analytics:

with XITI:


  • Advertising Cookies

You can manage the uses and purposes of cookies by going to the advertising cookie management platform created by advertisement professionals (  ) and follow the given instructions.

You will get a list of registered companies which give users the possibility to accept or deny their own cookies. By doing so, you can decide how your online activity will be tracked and have a better control over the ads that may appear on your device.

with Tradelab:

with Acxiom:


  • Social media cookies

On Facebook:

OnTwitter :