Whether you already work with us as a freelancer, or you're new to Edit-Place, this page should help you answer any question you might have about our services.

Getting started

I would like to do freelance work for Edit-Place, how do I get started?

In order to work with Edit-Place, you will need to create an account on ContentPlace, our freelancer platform. We test new members via job offers as soon as we are sourcing a new project. If there are no tests available in your language when you sign up, don’t worry, we’ll probably have one available soon and you will be notified by email.

How do I create an account?

Simply choose the freelancer platform option in the login tab on our website, and then click on ‘sign up for free’. When creating an account, your email address functions as your username. You will need to specify your native language so that we can show you offers which are relevant to you.

Do I need to have a professional tax identification number to work for Edit-place?

You would need be either self-employed or have a company to be able to work with Edit-place. Your Identification number is necessary to validate your profile on ContentPlace. You can indicate your employment status in the Royalties section of ContentPlace. If you have a company, please, indicate your VAT number in the relevant field.

I want to write, translate or proofread for Edit-Place. Who do I need to contact?

If you are interested in becoming a freelancer for Edit-Place, the first step is to create an account and you will then begin receiving communcations from Edit-Place, but if you are having any difficulties, then contact joboffers@edit-place.com
Read here how to create your account

I'm a freelancer and I am not submitted to VAT. What can I do?

You can indicate your self-employed tax number in the Royalties section of ContentPlace.

Freelancer profile

I would like to update information in my profle.

To update your profile, simply click on your photo (or initials if you don’t have a photo) in the blottom left-hand corner of ContentPlace and click on ‘profile’

Why can't I specify multiple native languages?

For quality reasons we only allow freelancers to choose one native language. We understand that some people have multilingual backgrounds but we ask that you choose the language you feel most comfortable with.

Where do I inform you of my work status?

You can choose either ‘Company’ or Self-employed’ on your royalties page. If you do not have a VAT number, please insert your tax identification number or your country’s equivalent.

How can I delete my profile?

For such requests, please contact joboffers@edit-place.com
You can find more information about our data protection policy here.

I would like to choose what kind of communication I receive from Edit-Place

You can choose your communication preferences in the Account settings section of your profile page. Please note that you may receive direct emails from your Project Manager if you are accepted for a job.

Can I send you my CV?

You can upload your CV in the CV & Social Media section of your profile page.

Who is my contact when I have questions about my profile?


Why do I not see any offers?

The visibility of our offers is based on native language and rank. If you don’t see any offers, this simply means that the offers we currently have online don’t match with your profile

How do I know if I have been selected for a job?

If you are selected for the job you will receive an email notification with the good news from Edit-Place. Make sure your ‘Alerts by email’ in your profile is toggled on to receive email notifications. Read here how to edit information on your profile page.

How do I upload my test?

You can find the page to upload your test in the My jobs section. If you need to upload multiple documents, you will need to put them into a single zip folder.

I uploaded a test but I haven't heard back yet.

Due to the large number of applications we receive, the assessment phase can take up to 15 working days. If you haven’t heard back after this amount of time please contact joboffers@edit-place.com

Why is my job still 'pending' when I already delivered it some time ago?

Your article must undergo external proofreading, internal quality check, and then up to 15 days for the client to validate the article after delivery, so please be patient. If your submission is still pending after 20 working days, please contact your Project Manager.

Who is my contact while I am working on a test?

If you are have signed up for a job offer which involves a test, your contact is joboffers@edit-place.com

Who is my contact while I am working on a job?

Your contact in this case is your Project Manager. The name and email address of your Project Manager can be found at the bottom of the editorial brief for the job.

What should I be checking as a proofreader?

As a proofreader we would like you to take the following points into consideration when checking a text.

Brief: Is the text written or translated according to the instructions given in the brief?

Information: Is the information presented factual and accurate?

Style: Is the text easy to read? Is the content interesting and relevant? Do the sentences have a logical connection?

Spelling and syntax: Is the text grammatically correct? Are there any typos, missing words or spelling mistakes? Always check names of people or places and do not forget about punctuation.

When should I send a text back to the writer/translator?

You can send the text back to the writer or the translator if there are problems with:

  • The brief
  • The information
  • The style (Intelligibility, organisation of ideas or if text is not written straight to the point)

Correct the text yourself if there are problems with:

  • Style (vocabulary)
  • Spelling and syntax

When you send a text back, explain as best you can what the problems are so as to make sure that they will make the appropriate changes.
A proofreader should improve the text, if you are unsure whether something is yours to change, or should be sent back to the writer, please ask your Project Manager for advice.


Which payment methods can I use?

You can be paid either by paypal or by bank transfer, you just need to keep your payment details up to date in your profile. There is a 2% handling fee for bank transfers, but none for Paypal transactions. Read here how to edit information on your profile page. (I would like to update information in my profle.)

What are your payment conditions / When will I get paid?

Once your work is delivered to the client, they have 15 days to review and approve your work. If they do not do so in 15 days, the work is automatically approved. Then, once your Project Manager validates your jobs, they will become visible in the ‘My Royalties’ tab of your freelancer space. You can then request payment by clicking on the ‘request payment’ button in order to receive your money. The transaction will always be processed on the 15th of the month following your request.

I have given you my payment details but I still cannot request my payment, why?

Make sure that your profile is completed and your work status (self-employed, etc.) is up to date. You should have a minimum of 20€ to be able to request the payment.

Can I have a copy of my contract?

“As a freelancer, you are not contractually bound to Edit-Place.

That said, each time you accept a job, you sign a contract for that specific job. Next time you participate in a job, not a test that is, you can sign and download the contract.”

Will I be paid for my test article?

If your test adheres to the brief and meets our editorial expectations, you will be paid for it, even if you are not selected for the final team. The test is always the same for every candidate on a single project and we never deliver test articles to the client.

Can I quote the work I did for a particular client?

Yes you can if you publish only a part of your own articles (10% of the content) but not the entire text.

Can I quote a client's name in a portfolio?

No, you cannot quote the client’s name.

Which payment methods can I use?
If you wish to change the payment method, you should update it before asking for your royalties. If updated after your request, the new payment method will be considered for the following payments but not for the ones already pending.
Who is my contact when it comes to payment or adminstration?

For payment or adminstration questions, please contact comptabilite@edit-place.com


I have a friend who is interested in getting involved, can I just send you their email address?

If you have a friend who’s interested in working with us they simply need to create an account, however if they have any questions, they can contact joboffers@edit-place.com

I am having technical problems such as not being able to log in.

Please perform a hard refresh (Ctrl + F5). If your problem persists, please contact your Project Manager or feedback@edit-place.com

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