Booking websites, restaurant reviews, food delivery services, collaborative platforms, ingredient and meal boxes… Food is one of the most dynamic areas of the internet. The biggest names (Amazon, Uber, Alibaba…) share the market with powerful pure players (Deliveroo, Just Eat…) and historical linchpins of the food and catering industry. Edit-Place allows you to meet the specific challenges of this market:

  • How to scale production of unique and localised content.
  • How to drive organic traffic towards a mobile app.
  • Local SEO, branded keywords… How to engage your global community at a local level.
  • Duplicate content, netlinking… How to overcome SEO’s challenges.
  • How to achieve your business goals thanks to a strong and ROI-driven brand positioning.

Our solutions in the Food sector

Provide relevant content

Edit-Place gives its clients editorial guidance on the definition, creation and localisation of its content.

At a strategic level, our experts identify which volumes, tone of voice and formats are most relevant in a ROI-driven approach to suggest a realistic and solid plan of action (300 recipes, 24 infographics, 58 top 10s…)

Then, production teams take care of writing and localising this content thanks to the efficiency and expertise of our network of native writers/translators.

Adopt a concrete SEO strategy

Looking to set your sights to the international by keeping a close eye on the local? Edit-Place is here to help:

Optimise your websites to boost your visibility.

Identify SEO opportunities and topics with high traffic potential to increase your organic ranking on branded and generic keywords.

Fine-tune to the specificities of local markets, based on the volume of requests and the individualities of the target audience.

Tell the right story to your customers

Our content marketing experts listen to you and analyse your brand DNA to help you define your story and highlight your best assets.

Adopting the right approach allows you to reach a new strategic target: influencers and micro-influencers. In love with your brand, they share your content and improve your chances of going viral.

Social shares become a key indicator for your business. Alongside conversion rate, churn, average basket and acquisition cost, it’s a new KPI to pin on your dashboard.

We put a bespoke dashboard and tracking tool at your disposal:

  • Manage your editorial projects with full visibility over your budget, deadlines, content, invoicing and the team in charge.
  • Connect to your technical environment to retrieve data, then create content and integrate it directly into your PIM or CMS, ready to be published.
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