Booking websites, flight comparison sites, ticketing apps, OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), promotional offer platforms… Estimated at being worth 600 billion dollars, the online tourism industry is one of the most competitive and dynamic of the digital world. Edit-Place allows you to meet the challenges of e-tourism:

  • How to stand out and rank better on Google in a highly competitive SEO environment.
  • How to optimise a multilingual website and offer a localised user experience.
  • How to write, translate or localise content without internal resources.
  • Duplicate content? How to protect your rank with so many similar landing pages (hotel + city/hotel page + region…).
  • How to achieve your business goals thanks to a strong and ROI-driven brand positioning.

Our solutions in the Travel sector

Get the most out of your SEO

Edit-Place builds a strategy adapted to your specific needs, supported by clear, achievable targets.

On the technical side, our experts identify which areas need improvement, paying particular attention to the problems that are specific to your industry: duplicate content or technical architecture for instance.

On the semantic side, they detect growth opportunities (keywords with high potential, content to be enriched) and deliver a tailored plan of action.

Optimise your multilingual site

Publishing and maintaining a multilingual site is often a challenge. To help you overcome this, Edit-Place provides:

– a community of 4,000 qualified native speakers able to write, translate and localise in 40 languages.

– technical experts to enhance your content flows (import – export – update and validation) and optimise your technical architecture (domain management, hreflan

Be unique

A unique, original and distinguished brand DNA makes the difference in the buying decision of consumers.

To match your marketing DNA and your brand’s story, our editorial experts listen to you, analyse your competitors, decipher the expectations of your customers and deliver editorial guidelines.

Your content conveys your values, your customer benefits and your uniqueness.

We put a bespoke dashboard and tracking tool at your disposal:

  • Manage your editorial projects with full visibility over your budget, deadlines, content, invoicing and the team in charge.
  • Connect to your technical environment to retrieve data, then create content and integrate it directly into your PIM or CMS, ready to be published.
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